Coffee Printed

Screen Prints From Spent Coffee Grounds ! !

Will my coffee printed graphic last through washes?

Yes! Wash with a mild detergent and cold water, no bleach or "OXY" products.  Your coffee print will evolve over time like any dyed garment but will not wash out. 

Why do you guys take 2-9 business days to ship?

Our coffee prints take 48hrs to cure after being printed before they can be pre-washed, packaged, and shipped. A little extra time, but it's worth it!!

What are spent coffee grounds?

Spent coffee grounds are the grounds of roasted coffee left over after the brewing process. Typically considered a waste product spent grounds are often put to use in gardens and compost bins.. We like to use them to print graphics on clothing!   

How exactly do you utilize spent coffee grounds to print on garments?

We cut large batches of spent grounds in vinegar. Leave the mixture to steep for a period of time. Strain the mixture, reduce on heat, and thicken to resemble the consistency of screen ink. There are a few tricks that we keep a mystery, but that's essentially it. 

Is coffee printing the same as standard ink printing?

When one of our prints comes off the press it doesn't go into a dryer, instead it's left to air cure. This means lots and lots of clothes hangers. In addition, the nature of our process produces prints with zero "hand" (aka print texture). So there is no rubbery plastic texture to our graphics, instead they bind into the fibers of the garment like a dye.   

Are there other screen printers who print with coffee?

We have come across screen printers who use coffee to print on paper; however, to the best of our knowledge we are the only printers who screen print on garments using a coffee based dye. 

How did you guys come up with the idea to print with coffee?

We are well aware of the power that coffee has to stain clothing so we figured it might be viable for screen printing.. Turns out we were right, but we never guessed it would take 5 years to perfect!