Coffee Printed

Screen Prints From Spent Coffee Grounds ! !

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We use spent coffee grounds to create dyes for screen printing. This allows us to print on a variety of fabrics creating rich graphics that stand up to wash and wear.

The Coffee Idea

Fabrics have been dyed with natural pigment for over 1000 years while the craft of screen printing has always relied on chemically constructed inks.

In 2012 we began to combine the tradition of fabric dying with the process of screen printing. The goal was to utilize the pigment contained in various organic compounds as the essential components in creating custom screen printing dyes.

Over time one ingredient stood out.. Coffee grounds! 

Jade John & Alex

Coffee Printed is a family operation. Jade and Alex met each other in kindergarten. In 2012 the two got married and John became Alex's father in law.

John has been screen printing professionally for 35 years and has spent the past 5 years passing the trade on to Alex. Alex now handles the majority of printing as well as design and dye creation. Jade teaches high school mathematics which makes her the perfect candidate to manage finances at Coffee Printed! 



Re - Purpose

As hard as we may try we don't go through enough coffee here at headquarters to fuel our printing needs. To make up the difference we began reaching out to nearby coffee shops & roasters. The result: A supply of spent grounds that can only be described as plentiful! 

These grounds are brewed in a vinegar based solution, reduced on heat, and thickened for screen printing. From waste product to fashion statement, we create wearable celebrations of the world's most essential beverage!